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Kopec settlement and its surroundings

The Kopec settlement will fascinate you with its half-timbered houses and sacred monuments. It is located in the northwestern part of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Elbe Sandstone Protected Landscape Area.  

In the past, the small settlement in the Šluknov foothills could boast of four mills and mounds on the Brtnický stream and four large water reservoirs. The hill was called Hemmehübel until 1945. The village was founded before 1660 and since the 18th century bells have been cast here and several excellent bell riders have worked here. Until the end of World War II, the majority of the population was German. After its completion, people from the interior moved here and the Germans were expelled from the border.

To date, only one pond, a chapel from 1809 and almost half of the original houses have been preserved in the settlement, showing the typical Lusatian architecture with timbered and half-timbered houses with a pedestal. In the settlement and the surrounding area, notice the crosses at Richtermühle, the crosses at house number 16, the Forester's Cross or the statues of St. Antonina. Hiking and cycling trips can be enjoyed from the village and there is also a climbing tower nearby.

More information at  official website of the hill settlement

There are really plenty of places to visit in the area. We will be happy to advise you and recommend it from our own experience.  

We definitely recommend visiting  House of Bohemian Switzerland  in Krásná Lípa. You will really find everything there.

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